Médousa Bistrot & Suites


Médousa Bistrot & Suites, Taormina

Tiling and decorations of the restaurant/bistrot area

“Ceramic is like music and every piece resonate with its own melody.”

The Médousa Bistrot & Suites is nestled against the ancient walls of Taormina, it has a cosy indoor and lovely little hidden garden where the guests can enjoy cocktails and taste the chef’s delicacies surrounded by lemon trees and aromatic plants of rosemary and thyme. When the Médousa was renovated the Bevilacqua Brothers brought the deep emerald seawater color of the Mediterranean Sea into the maiolica floors and garden’s decors. The tiles are handmade using a special mix of clay and volcanic ash from Mount Etna and all the handcrafted pottery are painted with the signature emerald color.
All the Bevilacqua’s creations perfectly marry with the relaxed and modern atmosphere of the Médousa Bistrot & Suites.