Morgana lounge bar


Morgana Lounge Bar Taormina

Internal and external tiling and decorations

“Ceramic is like music and every piece resonate with its own melody.”

The Morgana Lounge Bar is a must visit in Taormina. It has a cozy indoor area and a lively open air garden, every time you’ll visit it you’ll live a new and magic experience. In fact every year the Morgana sheds its skin and transforms into a new self that has always its roots in the Sicilian ground.
The Bevilacqua Brothers are proud of having been part of the 2013 and 2014 renovations. In 2013 the traditional maiolica was reinterpreted with a modern use of color, in 2014 regular tiles were reinvented and transformed in 3D tiles. In both cases the all the ceramics were exclusively designed and custom made to fit with every detail of the Morgana, it was an exiting challenge that once again proves that with craftmanship and talent everything can be created.